Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I remember when Unga and I stayed at a beautiful small house in Oxford, England. We stayed there for a month. Waktu itu kita lagi ikut program home stay dari EF. Oke, emang beberapa hari ini post-post gue isinya tentang Oxford lah, home stay lah, summer lah, blahblahblah. Bosen gak? Gue sih ngga HAHA.

Mr. and Mrs. Tranter own this little house. Even it's small, their backyard is wonderful. You can see a lot of flowers, and fruits. Mereka nanem buah-buahan, bunga, terus ada juga sayur-sayuran sedikit. Katanya biar mereka gak perlu beli sayur atau buah-buahan di supermarket lagi. Udah ada di rumah gitu jadinya. A smart way to start a greener life, right?

Quick informations about them: Mr. Tranter is retired engineer. Mrs. Tranter works as a nurse. They live with their black cat named Mr. Turbo. They have 3 children but they already married.

Look around.

1.) Front view, 2.) Living room, 3.) Kitchen, 4.) Backyard

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