Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Soapsuds Art

It sounds ridiculous. An art made from soapsuds? Yes, it's made from soapsuds.                                                         First, I didn't mean to make an art. I was playing with water, soap, a tea cup, and a whisker when I had that idea. Whisker? I wasn't going to make a cake dough or something. I used that thing to make soapsuds. hehehe.

When I showed a photo of my soapsuds art to my parents, they said it looks like a cat. Actually, I was going to make it look like a rabbit. Well, at least it have a shape :\ How I made it? It's easy! I filled the tea cup with soapsuds until it overload. Then I put a little soapsuds at the top of the overload soapsuds. I put a little soapsuds to make it look like a tail too. 

Actually, the soapsuds art that I made doesn't look that good. 
It's typical. Everybody can do it. It's not that special. I think.
But take a look at my art anyway.

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