Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mother Daughter

Mother and daughter. They supposed to have a very close relationship. The mother support her daughter. The daughter respect her mother. They love each other. Well, the relationship between my mother and me are so-so. Sometimes we are very close, and sometimes we are not. I love my mother, but I hate it when she angry to me for no reason. Usually it's because of my maids or her office's problems. 

This evening, she angry to me because my wardrobe isn't tidy. I never say anything to my mom when she angry to me. I do it for one reason: if I talk back, she will be angrier. I just do whatever she told me. She said tidy your room, I tidy my room. She said take a shower, I take a shower. One day, she angry to me. It is because I said to her that she already mention the same information before. Suddenly, she angry to me. I just eat my breakfast and listen to her. I didn't say anything. That evening she said sorry to me, and then she said that she angry to me because she's very angry to my maid. I know how she felt. That maid is really annoying.

I remember when my mom haven't worked. We always talk about my day every time I got back from school. We always go somewhere together. We always eat breakfast together. We always play together. I miss those days.

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