Thursday, August 20, 2009

Internet Freak

Okay. It's not because I'm an internet freak. But I have a lot of internet accounts. Starts from hotmail, yahoo, facebook, twitter, etc. I think it's okay to have a lot of internet accounts. Well, It's kinda hard to keep updating them at the same time. And it also waste my time too. Yesterday, I played 'Restaurant City' on Facebook instead of study for my exams. Gosh. That math exam is very difficult. I'm speechless. By the way, I just want to share my internet accounts. So here we go:

- E-mail: ask me if you want. I won't post my e-mail addresses here.

Actually, it's not that many. I have Looklet, Chictopia, and Flickr accounts too. But I haven't post anything on Chictopia and Flickr. Well, I created some looks on Looklet :|

I just found this picture on internet. That kitten is super adorable! :3

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