Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding March

The song of congratulations I send to you as you begin your journey
Is a song of parting to say thank you to you whom I loved.

If I could be born again,
I bet I would have my chance… just kidding (laughs)
Until that day, bridegroom, I’ll take a rain check on our duel.

There will probably be times when you disagree,
And some nights you’ll probably fight.
But as long as you’re together
You’ll never be lonely, right? Right?

Congratulations, this is the song I send to you.
Thanks for all the memories we had together.

Of course you look beautiful,
You’re the one I fell in love with, you know (laughs)
It irritates me how well that suits you, but…
Really, you look beautiful.

All the happy memories I had with you,
And the painful memories where all we did was fight,
Now they’re all a lovely sepia color.
I’ll quietly bid you farewell with my tears.

I won’t have a chance to say it anymore, but
It’s still locked away deep in my heart.
What I couldn’t tell you before - I love you.

No matter what, never forget
The day we first met.
If you two ever fight,
Just remember our first date (laughs)

I’ll say it just one more time, congratulations.

Virgin road
The way before you now
Is the wedding march you will take together.
Have fights on good terms
“I hope you’ll be happy”
…and hope he won’t cheat on you (laughs)

PS: Give my regards to the baby you’ll have someday.
And you’d better not let him call me “uncle”.

— 結婚式の唄~季節はずれのウェディングマーチ~ -with BAND ver.- by 雅-miyavi-


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