Monday, June 7, 2010

Japanese Honey Lemon

I really enjoy reading japanese comic. Well, it usually called Manga (Pronounce: /ˈmɑːŋɡə/ or /ˈmæŋɡə/). There are a lot of manga types but to make it simple (probably) it divided into shoujo and shounen. Shoujo manga primarily target girls. The story usually about romance and love. Shounen manga usually about fighting and action. That makes it primarily target boys.

I often read shoujo manga and I often found a scene where this main character give a box of sliced lemon that they called 'Honey Lemon' to her crush who just finished a sport competition or sport practice. I really curious about this lemon slices thing. I'm not sure it is a food or a drink. One day, I search it on Google and then I found one article on Yahoo! Answers about 'Japanese Honey Lemon'. Thank God, there is a complete step how to make one of this 'Japanese Honey Lemon'. The ingredients are very easy to find. Just like the name of the thing, you only need some lemons and a jar of honey. I'm not really sure it's a food or a drink but I think it is a drink.

What you need: 3.5 lbs of lemons, one 32 ounce (2 lbs) jar of honey, and a medium sized Tupperware container (roughly 7" in diameter and 5" deep). --> these are what the article said.

1. Slice the lemons thinly, about 1/8 inch if possible. Discard the ends of the lemons and as many seeds as you have patience to pick out. 
2. Layer the lemon slices in the Tupperware container until full. 
3. Next, pour the honey on top of the lemon slices. It takes several minutes for the viscous honey to fill the spaces among the lemon slices. Once the Tupperware container is filled with a solid mass of lemon slices and honey, seal tightly and place the Tupperware container in the fridge. 

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4. It takes 6 to 8 hours for a magical chemical process to completely turn the lemon slices and honey into the lemon concentrate. After about 3 or 4 hours, flip the Tupperware container so that it's laying on its top.

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Ta-da! This is the result.

After all of the process, the concentrate will looks like tea. I love cooking but I don't know why, I don't like to eat foods or drinks that I made. I just do not have the appetite. My parents love this Japanese Honey Lemon that I made, especially my mother. She said it's very delicious and refreshing. She even drink one tablespoon of it every morning. Oh, me? I haven't drink any of it. Actually, I drink it once. One teaspoon of it for taste testing.

P.S. this is the real recipe if you want to see it by yourself. I wrote the ingredients and the steps according to this recipe

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